We created this code of conduct together to ensure that our individual behaviours and practices at Te Ōhaka ensure a productive, safe, and positive experience for everyone.  The key principles below are our foundational and mutual expectations for how we will each relate to each other which will govern our overall experience.  

Key principles

  1. A Shared Vision:  We are all in on the vision and motivated to achieve it 
  2. An owner’s mindset:  We are individually and collectively accountable for the success of the programme, the organisations, and the stakeholders we serve.
  3. Understanding: We strive to understand the capability and ‘style of working’ of our colleagues. 
  4. Mutual Respect:  We are respectful of each other’s roles and areas of experience involving and engaging team expertise in all our programmes.  We respect each other’s capability and honour that trust with professional behaviour.
  5. Open and clear communication:  We communicate clearly with the whole team on all our individual and group projects.  
  1. Feeling Valued:  Each of us know we play critical roles in our organisations and that our work is actively valued by all—with acknowledgement, responsibility and understanding. 
  2. Inclusive work environment: Where everyone is included
  3. Honesty:  We are honest with each other (even when it’s hard) and act with integrity in everything we do. We do not take shortcuts or behave expediently. 
  4. Kindness:  We care for our fellow team members and external stakeholders and are engaged in ensuring their success. 
  5. Wellness:  We understand the importance of wellness and look after ourselves and our fellow team-members as well as our wider community.
  6. Striving to do your best:  We always do our individual best.  
  7. Courage:  We celebrate courage and enable a safe space for others to be courageous and deal with conflict head-on.
  8. Trust: Mutual trust is key for an organisation to function. Colleagues trust each other to represent the organisation and each other well. 
  9. Excellence:  Striving for excellence. Exceed expectations when the opportunities arise.